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Bennington College was built by forward-thinking people who dared to dream big. The College’s founders and earliest champions envisioned a new kind of college, imagined a new model of scholarship and teaching, and created a new way of transforming students’ lives. Our students and alumni have likewise always been imbued with a special character—a desire to blaze new trails, to ever challenge the status quo, and to seek new and important ways to make their marks.

You can extend and enrich this legacy of innovation by making a planned gift to Bennington College.

This is philanthropy with forethought; a desire to build something impactful and lasting. Whether it’s establishing a scholarship, Field Work Term fund or other vehicle to directly support our students; whether it’s advancing a particular discipline, program or aspect of campus life; or whether you wish to help us preserve and build our campus and our financial future, we can work with you to  translate your passion into meaningful action.

You can do all this in a way that is intensely personal and meaningful to you, while also taking into account your other financial and estate goals. Join us as we continue to advance our mission of forward-thinking, innovative liberal arts education.